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This shortened easy-to-build vertical, with no-radials, is made from surplus military camouflage poles. Those with existing aluminum stock can likely reduce cost. The result is an antenna that is about a foot and a half shorter than the standard double coil antenna. The tran When installing a loading coil of substantial inductance in an electrically short antenna, sheetmetal and dielectrics should be kept away from the coil and areas of antenna above the loading coil. The new concept in the coil fabrication that Matt Staal here at M2 came up with allow us to machine the coil from 1/8 wall aluminum tubing leaving a ½”solid tube section on each end of the coil. Electrical circuit of this active antenna board based on high impedance As just mentioned, a resonant circuit is made with the coil and variable capacitor. Shortened vertical antennas have a coil to electrically fill the gap of shorting the radiating element. For NVIS and long range, tactical and base, for military, government and EOC. Hi-Q antenna components under COLD test. 00 USD, you too The 43-foot Vertical Antenna Advantages -Still can be self-supporting & moderately unobtrusive -Approximately 3x higher radiation resistance than the typical trap or loaded vertical. Although listed in the title as Marine, I   HF-15FX Diamond 15m Mobile Antenna base with integrated extension coil, black, flexible glass fibre radiator. I measured at 3. Also, coil placed at the based of the antenna may be more easily accessible. To the left is the 3/8-24 mounting bolt. The Alpha J-Pole Sr Antenna is only 60 feet in length. com in 2 categories. The antenna is resonate on both bands and does not require an antenna tuner. I've also made coils from #14 solid copper wire, wound around drill bits or broom handles to  19 Nov 2015 For the dual feeding. 7 Mhz, a bit higher in frequency than where I intended to operate and the complex component of impedance measured 278j. Construction & Working of Loop Antennas. During assembly the user chooses any of the three pre-drilled holes to tune the 20/15/10M SWR dips to the low – mid The loading coil is made from a smaller diameter wire and is more flexible, so I have fastened with a rope. The term is also used for inductors in radio antennas, or between the antenna and its feedline The 480XL coil is designed for use on tall vehicles such as 18 wheelers which do not allow the use of long whips and the overall height of the antenna must be kept below a maximum height. I’ll only use the FT-817 in conjunction with it for portable use however. Here is the overall antenna, before the potting, during the tuning phase. 5 - 30MHz Power Supply voltage & current: DC 12v 100mA Max Power Therefore, I was wondering if antenna less HF band Regen-receiver is possible or not. com This is one of Alpha's ProMaster series antennas. For multiband HF antennas, different loading coils (or adjustable coils) are needed for coverage of each band. To address your broader question of what is the proper way to electrically wire in a loading coil to a vertical antenna — I don't have any personal recommendations, but I do think that the extra wire that you were puzzled by is plausibly a good idea. High Performance 40 Meters Vertical . I specialize in a certain type of antenna called a J-Pole. You will be using the same piece of coax that is used for the feedline. Eagle One Vertical Antenna. Simply remove the nuts at the top and bottom of the coil, swap coils, and replace the nuts. Will work for receiving shortwave HF/SSB/AM radios. However, there is a way to reduce the overall length of an HF dipole through the use of loading coils. The resource is currently listed in dxzone. While the antenna tubes go through the 80 and 40 meter coils, the 30 meter coil is mounted on the side of the antenna above the 40 meter coil and it is connected to the Multiband end fed antennas 3. 56MHz Micro RWD modules (MIFARE®, ICODE® etc). This antenna is 58 ft tall and is mounted on a hinged base. The antenna and ground leads that run from the transmitter to the coil and the metal pipe mast, respectively, should be kept as short as possible for Part 15 compliance. 8-2. The High Q coil means when the antenna is tuned to resonant operating frequency, all off center frequencies (noisy stuff) are reduced and the center frequency is stronger entering the receiver. The Issues . You can also use these traps to design HF vertical multiband antennas using either wire or aluminum tubing. BANDS: 75 meters 80 meters, CAP, MARS, Marine, HF bands. This article describes a specific procedure to adjust a shunt matching coil to assure that the input SWR will remain relatively low (≤ 1. Jul 23, 2010 · The 40 Meter loading coil in place on the antenna. PAYPAL. HF antenna and the UHF antenna, respectively. You set frequency range with hula-loop diameter and 5K tuning potentiometer. 8 and 30 MHz using twin transmission lines made from enamelled copper wire (ecw). Last : the ground choke must be put in a definite position to keep the SWR low by stretching or compressing it, so the use of antenna analyzer is a must. One coil placed in the centre or at the base of a single-band vertical antenna is sufficient, but a single-band dipole will require two coils – one in each element of the dipole. Tuesday afternoon a package arrived from Ham Radio Outlet. Construction details in the September 1992 QST p. MDC80 (3. The controller used for the RT antenna was developed for the Hi-Q Military Antennas by QCI, it now tunes From 1. An electrically and mechanically sound design is offered, with easy band change coils, by Frank Kamp K5DKZ. THIS IS: The Deluxe Tripod Super Antenna, top-of-the-line setup, with All HF Bands 80m-6m and simultaneous VHF 2 meter. It also requires an antenna analyzer like the MFJ-259B shown at right. The matching i used the base of an CB antenna in the base is a matching coil air 8 windings close with a tap at 3 windings Calulated and measured the coil is 2. Continuously adjustable loading coil is 36 inches long by 2 inches in diameter and weighs 2. 5 uH depending on the actual input impedance at resonance. We'll assume that the frequency is 1,850 KHz, and have 1,000 watts of power. Browse our large selection of Diamond Antennas and mounts, and get expert help from our experienced technicians. This de-coupling ring is constructed in such a way as to maintain absolute contact with the coil at all times. T his program calculates the base feed-point impedance and the loading inductance or capacitance required for resonance for a given vertical antenna height, diameter and operating frequency. 3. Wire Antenna Calculator. 27 Oct 2013 MFJ-1954 with base loading coil HF Antenna. The coil losses basically depend on the current, coil dimensions, material, construction, and core. HF verticals are versatile, and can deliver both multiband and monoband performance. The Super Antenna MP1 is a Ham Radio HF Portable Antenna that also covers VHF-UHF. HF Ham Radio Antennas For Apartments . port type, the spiral coil and meander-line dipole are used as the. The taps are selected with a rotary switch. The original design has a 27/3 turn ratio ( 1: 81 ) on a small 43 Jun 16, 2015 · Let’s say you have a traditional, mono band, 20M 5/8 Wave vertical antenna, and you decide to replace the big loading coil with a tuner so you can use it on other bands. e. As a result, I only needed about 60% of the 30m coil for a comfortable resonance. The Miller 6300 is a single coil, high Q slug tuned ferrite loopstick antenna coil. If you decide to build a dipole, make sure that some type of isolation transformer is used at the antenna feed point. power rating:120W(  In the all of the previous inductively coupled/HF RFID systems the reader coil/ loop antenna has been modeled as an inductor L 1 as shown in Fig. 95 Each MFJ 1668 MOBILE Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 392 M HF Mobile Antenna Coil All Band Ham Marine Mars Cap Military 80 10 Meters at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! A Slinky is made of 67 feet of steel wire. A vertical HF antenna offers many advantages—an omnidirectional signal collector and easy to install radiator are two of the biggest. The correct lengths for the various models will be displayed in the chart. 9 meters. The large diameter yields broadbanded coverage of the 80 Meter Band. This makes for extremely low loss, high reliability coil to element connections, because the machining is accurate, the inductance value is the same Welcome to the G6OHM Website - Antenna Designs - Amateur Radio,Projects,Antenna Designs, Double Quad Beam,2m & 70cm SSB, Ham Satellites,Card Making, Recipes,BNOS,Flowerpot Antenna, Angela's Page,EXPMR Radio,Raised Bed Gardeningsion,Fusion Radio. Spring. The Butternut HF2V Vertical Antenna I was glad to hear that Butternut Elec­ tronicswas producing a 40 and 80 meter vertical which could also be loaded on 160 meters. of 4 wire control cable, a manual control switch, a fuse holder with fuse, a Ferrite Core, 3/8x24 1 1/4 stud, matching coil (if needed), and instruction manual. CLICK ON ABOVE FOR PAGE 1-4 Go to product to order. The sliding loading coil assembly has built-in stops to prevent the coil from moving beyond the reach of the contact ring Jun 06, 2015 · Welcome and thanks for viewing my site. All Bands Vertical Antenna-HF (homebrew) A few months ago my friend 9W2 AYR(Anuar) and I visited my new friend 9M2LR (Mr. 00 three-resonator adapter plate. The loading coil at the top of the antenna is a piece of Close-up view of the matching coil. Simple HF Baluns for 50/75 Ohm Systems Posted in Antenna , Articles The following diagrams and tables show some simple 1:1 and 4:1 baluns for use between 1. Enter your desired frequency (MHz) of operation (i. The Wire Size can range from 16 AWG to 12 AWG. This coil has to be used with the MD200 whip element. Coil Supports In previous articles, I’ve recommended sprinkler riser tubing (July 2002 QST “Portable Travel Antenna”) and 3/8” diameter wood dowel as the top-to-bottom coil mounting The coil winding must not be placed against a conductor. Manufacturer of Antennas for Amateur Radio Ham Radio Portable Mobile DXpedition Expedition Apartment EmComm Base Stations Pedestrian 1 Super Slider Coil. What should be a reasonable coil form (diameter and thickness) to have a regen receiver that can pick signals in HF band without an attached wire antenna? Thanks in advance. 6:1) over the operating range of an 80 through 10 meter, remotely-controlled, HF mobile antenna. This would include dielectrics on or near the inductor, since the presence of dielectrics would increase undesirable capacitance. The reactance becomes capacitive and the effective overall impedance of the coil starts falling beyond the resonance frequency. I bought mine on ebay for $95 if my mind don't fail plus s/h. Buy Super Antenna MC80 Supercoil 80m and 75 Meter Coil for MP1 SuperStick HAM Radio HF Portable Amateur shortwave: Radio Antennas - Amazon. Find many options of HF, mobile, and base antennas at Walcott Radio. My name is Michael, KB9VBR, and I carry a full line of VHF and UHF antennas for sale. Whether you need a switch, cable assembly, motorized mount, magnetic mount, or any of the more technical antenna types, let us know. that the readership would possess a wide range of levels of antenna sophistication, from the novice “newbie” to the professional engineer. It is mounted easily and you don’t even need to disassemble the tubes. Super Antenna MP1DXMAX Dual HF Plus 2 Meter Bands SuperWhip Tripod All Band Antenna with Clamp Mount and Go Bag ham Radio Amateur 4. An apartment antenna should have the following characteristics: Compact Size: This is the most obvious requirement of apartment antennas. Jul 04, 2015 · Sure it is possible to build HF mobile antennas for less than $100. The number of coil turns and wire gauge are also calculated for a given coil length and diameter. The frequency range of operation of loop antenna is around 300MHz to 3GHz. 99 The size of the required coil increases with height. on CREDIT CARD or Jun 27, 2017 · The best I have found for convenience is a Hustler Resonator set. I went ahead and ordered it from HRO instead as they had them in stock. Heavy duty hardware and 2. I purchased this and their 40 Meter version as they are shorter than the The H-422 is a broad-band, compact, rotatable dipole designed to offer excellent performance even when mounted at only 10-15ft above ground in a V or horizontal configuration. 10-80 Meters. This 28 turn coil allows operation from 11-30 Mhz. Your HAM deserves the best type of dual/quad band base capabilities around. After using various HF antennas on my old but reliable Chevy Van, including several of the HamStick design (rather poor efficiency,) my original High Efficiency Mobile Antenna (works great, but inconvenient to change coils,) and my old but reliable Webster Bandspanner antenna (somewhat easier to use,) I came to the realization that at my age Jul 03, 2012 · Why build antennas out of copper and not aluminum or stainless steel. 4 out of 5 stars 18 $399. ) This coil has been tested and used with antenna whips from 102 inches to as little as 36 inches. ) If you would rather calculate the length of a full-size Distance from center of antenna to the center of the coil in feet (Must be less than half the total antenna length given above) Enter a distance between 0 and 250 feet that is less than half the total antenna length. power load 200W SSB   1 Feb 2019 NFC / RFID tag and antenna equivalent circuit . Calculations, of course. I have set up one of the std. This link is listed in our web site directory since Tuesday Dec 8 2009, and till today "Antenna Loading Coil Calculation" has been followed for a total of 14495 times. The main category is Antenna design calculators that is about Antenna design calculators. The capacitor was put inside the coil, as is done when using traps for wire antenna's. The overall dimension is 15. One coil placed in the centre or at the base of a single-band vertical antenna is sufficient, but a single-band dipole will require two coils - one in each element of the dipole. The Super Antenna MPL1X is a portable HF antenna that you can use on flat surfaces like your garden, balcony, and apartment. Ideal for those who want to listen to shortwave but have limited space  And there ARE other losses. If you have no particular preference within a given ham radio band, then simply enter its center frequency (i. The RF is tapped onto the matching coil which is grounded at the base to inductively load the antenna at the proper impedance. The J-Pole antenna is a 1/2 wave antenna with a 1/4 wave matching stub. You will be able to tune (‘match’) your previous monobander up on whatever frequency you like, and transmit to your heart’s content. 5 metres and mark the insulation. All antennas come with a whip, 20 ft. Sep 11, 2015 · This 40 and 80 meter inverted V antenna is made with loading coils. That being said, this coil will still provide rather remarkable performance and you would use the 191uH winding of this coil to replace the Miller 6300. (You supply your own whip. MP1B forms the basic core antenna of the various MP1x series Super Antennas. This antenna works in UHF range. No Balun or air choke coil should be used at the antenna. The combination can be made to work efficiently at all frequencies between 500 and 6800 kHz. Generally, this limits the choice of transmitter orientation inside the box to the vertical position with the transmitter rear panel facing up, as illustrated. Attached to the bottom turn of the coil is a length of shield braid used as a ground strap. The durable SuperWhip is an indestructible Titanium metal alloy, so flexible that it can objects such as aluminum gutters. 59m (105") and the coil shows a 20 cm (8") usable contactor travel. You also have the option to narrow your search by antenna type, connector or mount. The two smal bugs have been cured and the antenna works very fine. So far received 120 antenna! – Proximity to earth changes the impedance – High dipoles are closer to 75 ohms – Low dipoles are closer to 50 ohms • Feedline SWR (and loss) depends on the match between feedline and antenna – Use feedline that matches the antenna • XMTR will reduce power if mismatched – Use an antenna tuner to make the rig happy How does a coil/inductor with one side attached to v+, one to v- (aka gnd) differ from an antenna attached just to v+? Wouldn't a coil work better since more current flows through the wire? How does any current flow through an antenna? I know that a magnetic field can be formed in a solenoid, can a magnet be formed with an antenna? 1,122 results for antenna coil 784P Hf Mobile Antenna Coil, 80 - 10 meters SOTA, FIELD, Portable, Ham Radio NEW Super Flex Enclosed Coil Antenna with 806-896 The longer the antenna, the greater the radiation resistance and therefore the less impact you have on efficiency due to ground and coil losses. When going portable in HF I usually use a simple wire dipole, 2x5m, for 20m up, and tune it with  Unlike the monopole antenna, the coil dipole does not accept harmful interference from onboard electronics. Shortwave. Jan 29, 2019 · HF Mobile Antenna Covers 80-6 Meters with 4 1/2 foot mobile or 10 foot fixed operation telescoping whip. ○ Ground Losses. With the sunspot plunge, a goodsignalonthelowbandwill beamust during the next few years. Each Slinky TUNING METHOD: Antenna tunes by calibrated manual slip of the SuperSlider Coil grip, with no need for external power, separate antenna tuner, or analyzer. Jun 14, 2018 · Brand new parts for this antenna assembly, including the $50 speaker stand, will set you back about $250… more than a little, less than a lot. It clears about everything. Hi First of all I don't speak English but I will try to do my best,,, sorry for any errors and/or horrors =) This is my specific antenna setup and my opinions regarding this new antenna coil. Wolf River coils have been scientifically studied through more than 100 WSPR studies, all relative to a reference antenna for controlled comparisons. I used your formula and wound the coil directly onto a cut-down Shakespeare VHF marine antenna cut to 30 inches and machined a stainless plug for the top with a hole and setscrew for a 1/8″ whip. The RF Choke Coil Solution. My Loop Antenna November 20, 2013 9 Characteristics of Small Loop Antennas for HF Operation • Coupling loop ≈1/5 diameter of main loop for good impedance matching on all bands • Antenna is narrowband, operating at resonance of loop L and tuning C • Radiation resistance in series with loss res. You can further reduce the height of the antenna by placing a capacitance "hat" at the top. 5 - 30mHz. All you need to do is enter the desired resonant (center) frequency in the form below, then click "Calculate". 8 MHz to 30 MHz in 700 milliseconds! However the Radio Frequency Propagation does not require an antenna to be tuned from 1. The name of this simple but effective device is a choke balun. The reduction in overall length is accomplished by designing a top load with additional wraps which allows for an even shorter whip. As with all Amateur Radio antennas there maybe compromises and the ideal site may not be available. From one end measure 2. Type-M, also known as Red Copper is primarily used in the plumbing industry for supplying drinking water in homes and businesses. The problem with scramble-winding is that the first and last turns of the coax may touch each HF Vertical Antennas and Packages. Oct 22, 2013 · Pete, K6BFA, lent me his MFJ antenna analyzer, and I measured the impedance of the antenna at the point where I anticipated the matching coil would be located. 8-30 Mc center-loaded HF whip, 51 Mc Whip, 28/27 Mc whip, GPS antenna under a radome on roof, 145 Mc 5/8 wave whip and VHF/UHF scanner whip. 6 pounds. With any vertical antenna system, the radials are the second half of the antenna. Do you have an EndFed antenna in a different version, but you also want to experiment with other wire lengths? HF Kits now offers EndFed antenna wire sets. Tuning the Texas BugCatcher A loop antenna is a radio antenna consisting of a loop or coil of wire, tubing, or other electrical conductor usually fed by a balanced source or feeding a balanced load. The diameter of the coil is small ( < 0. If you just remember and adhere to the following rules of safety. Diameter of the conductor in inches (14 gauge is . I chose 58' for Mid 80 Meter Operation. Like this one: How to Build a Cheap Antenna Tuner or this one: SWL Receiving Antenna Experiments. This will be the section below the loading coil; From the other end measure 2. The 30 meter extension consists of a coil, a shorting strip, a capacitor, and a 75 ohm coax feed. The 30m coil was tapped about 40% of the way up from the bottom, with the turns below that left floating. For the low, low cost of about $495. 7. "Screwdriver Antenna" The antenna uses a high quality copper contact ring to make contact with the loading coil. Hf antenna coil. It can be stretched from just 12 inches to 12ft. This nit, and another one at the top of the coil holds the coil on the antenna. If you have a screw driver type antenna, this coil can be placed between the top whip and the top of the screw driver’s coil. When the lengths of both the mast and rod are set to zero and the coil is long and narrow, a simple helical antenna results. tuning frequency . The highest Q HF inductors I have measured, at least when operated away from self-resonance, are copper tubing coils and edge-wound inductors, such as those commonly used in high power tank coils. Universal HF Mobile System Antenna by Hustler Antennas®. Barker & Williamson HF broadband antennas for ALE radios. On the HFN HAM ALE. If the loading coil is placed at the top of the antenna, the RF current flows through the entire length of the antenna, giving rise to the highest radiation efficiency for a given antenna length. And it doesn’t take a degree in engineering to figure it out. 74879 N (40° 44' 56'' N) My antenna's name probably reflects the fact that its design is derived from a military model. Vobbe 706 Mackenzie Drive Lima, Ohio 45805-1835 USA 419-228-6223 Long: -84. Within this physical description there are two distinct antenna types: The large self-resonant loop antenna has a circumference close to one wavelength of the operating NEW from Hi-Q-Antennas: HOW GOOD IS a Hi-Q Antenna? Follow one 24/7/365. The Antenna Construction of a long-wire antenna is simple. Hi-Q On the Move HF Tactical Antenna : Hi-Q On the Move antenna that mates with the Shakespeare Mil. This means it creates a half wave length for the 40 meter band. The smaller the wire gauge, the more resistance is introduced - because resistance dissipates RF energy as heat, not signal! Coils using small diameter copper tubing would be best, but would introduce mechanical problems in the construction of the antenna. bandwidth under the large inductive circumstance from the HF coil. Similar in size as the Hi-Q-4/80, that is: 4" diameter loading coil by 10 " long (8"  The difference with this lead wire style antenna coil is, you can cover any frequency! So, this will cover all the ham bands, and HF SSB marine frequencies Etc. These numbers are fine when using a small diameter coil, but are grossly inaccurate with a loop antenna coil. There is a specific procedure which must be followed if proper adjustment of a shunt matching coil is to be achieved, and here it is: Antenna Coil Adjustment. The disadvantage of working with a shorter antenna is that you will have a limited bandwith. By selecting size and inductance of hula-loop turn you can set desired HF range of the antenna. 5kW balun are included. 10/20/40 EndFed antenna wire set including coil parts – Wire of your choice. The 10/20/40 Endfed antenna wire set has a total length of about 11. We specialize in HF broadband folded dipole antennas for conventional, NVIS, and ALE use, both base “The SERIOUS HF Mobile Antenna” 4” and 6” Diameter High “Q” Coils for 3 to 30 Mhz Operation Stainless Steel Mast and Hardware - Aircraft Aluminum Capacity Hats All Parts Have Standard 3/8-24 Threads - Tunes All HF Bands “COMPLETE HF MOBILE ANTENNA SYSTEMS” Texas BugCatcher Info and Pricing . The term originated in the 19th century for inductors used to prevent signal distortion in long-distance telegraph transmission cables. ; power divides between R rad and R loss Build an Efficient HF Mobile Antenna. The Hi-Q-4/80 will cover the 10-80 M bands. Learn More At http://www. The ends of the antenna should not be so close to ground that a person could touch them • When erecting an inverted-V, the angle Jul 21, 2018 · The horizontal dipole antenna (fig. And finally, I got lucky and found some 4" shrink tubing at the local surplus store and now I have a big yellow coil. As of June 2013 W6HIQ is an official HFN Pilot Station! Under W6HIQ call letters. As a satisfied userof oneafthe original HF5V Butternut 5 band verticals I hoped that the HV2V What comes with the antenna. I have a set of resonators for 15m, 20m & 40m that can either be run separately on the base whip or run altogether (similar to a Spider Antenna – only MUCH cheaper) with a $6. You will be hard pressed to find these affordable prices and unbeatable A loading coil or load coil is an inductor that is inserted into an electronic circuit to increase its inductance. Without Radials . The only issue is it might screw the matching up the higher HF bands,. The highest Q I have measured in very large inductors of optimum form factor in the HF range has been near 1000. 8-30 MHz normally, it is more standard that one change frequency in smaller blocks keeping up with the Day Enter antenna coil input parameters for Antenna Synthesis Calculate the matching circuit for the following NXP NFC Reader ICs: PN7462/PN7362/PN7360, PN5180, CLRC663/MFRC630/SLRC610, CLRC663 plus, PN7120 and PN7150 If you use a "Pi-Section Coupler", your antenna can be as short as 30 feet or as long as 100 feet. And the tripod can also be collapsed to 24 inches size. This antenna is ideal for ionospheric radio wave propagation. 00 Oct 09, 2017 · There is one very simple way to stop it in it’s tracks at the antenna where it belongs. The antenna can couple to the other metal and be detuned • When erecting a dipole as an inverted-V, remember that the voltage at the ends of the antenna may be above 1000 V. Notice the stainless steel nut at the bottom of the coil. 30MHz) wound and printed coil antennas are used at the interrogator and the tag, respectively. Sounds complicated, but it really isn't. Also included, and connected to the impedance matching device pictured above is an HF slant wire for regional NVIS comms while stationary. Call 740 886-6077 order. Whether it's worth the complications of implementation, I can't say. Without the HF coils attached, the UHV-6 is a tribander for 6M/2M/70cm. ▫ matching and loading coils. Wolf River Coils. Remember that smaller tags (smaller than a plastic credit-card-size tag) may require a smaller antenna. W8GMS W8AFX Georgia Steve. If you are serious about HF mobile operation the Hustler HF Mobile System is the obvious choice. Here is a simple antenna calculator for two popular forms of ham radio HF wire antennas: the horizontal dipole and the inverted "V". Range with ISO card  For low-cost applications in the HF band (3MHz to. 99 $ 399 . In most ground-mounted 160, 80, 60 or 40 meter mono-band vertical antenna installations with very good radial systems and high efficiency, feedpoint While a coil will create a stronger magnetic field, that field is mainly contained within the coil so that a coil does not make a strong radiator so it doesn't make a good antenna. The #1 HF Portable Vertical Antenna worldwide. I have tried out different wire sizes,number of turns and diameters and I have got good results on the swr meter but when the antenna is up and compared to a folded dipole at the same height the 5/8 is down at least 5 or more s-points. (More on this antenna below). By moving the adjustable coil on the antenna you should be able to work the entire 160 meter band. There are four optional HF coils available: HVC7 (40m), HVC14 (20m), HVC18 (17m), and HVC21 (15m). Cross position load coil antenna for HF band plan This is a theory type design antenna, but if the idea holds may provide some interesting results on the HF band plan. A loop antenna is a coil carrying radio frequency current. Short, coil-loaded antenna designs are all compromises when compared to full-sized antennas. Hi-Q HF Antenna Accessories from the antenna. 25" and it weighs one pound 8 ounces. When used in a multi-vertical array, verticals can even provide low-band directivity. Changing coils is easy. Beer BrewingHome  RadioShack replacement whip antenna and a couple of coils made from a small roll of #14 house wire. After a few talked he gave us an article about vertical antenna that he took from the internet. It may be in any shape such as circular, rectangular, triangular, square or hexagonal according to the designer’s convenience. Hi-Q TriPod for quick antenna set field set up. AlphaAntenna. The inverted V dipole antenna (fig. The swr is The coil needs to be about 1 uH, but in the real world, the value may be between . The problem has been addressed in numerous publications for years, including, but not limited to the ARRL "Mobile Manual", the ARRL "Radio Amateurs Handbook", Editors & Engineers "Radio Handbook" and many others. It was the Butternut HF9V I had ordered two weeks earlier. All of my J-Pole and Slim Jim antennas are constructed out of Type-M hard copper tubing. This is not always possible in all situations due to the space available. The following program will calculate the lengths needed to construct several popular wire antennas. 5cm diameter) designed to be used with 13. Build a Space-Efficient dipole Antenna for 40, 80, and 160 Meters QST July 1992, pp. Placing the coil about halfway up is a good compromise. Your CB/HAM radio is only as strong as its antenna. Dec 16, 2010 · Im trying to build a 5/8 wave antenna out of an old CB antenna for the VHF band the problem is I cannot find out how to calculate the coil dimentions. Sound intriguing? Here’s how. Richard Lau) at Nibong Tebal, South of Seberang Perai, Penang. A shortened multiband antenna, about 23m long, for 80m-10m the base and a 110 micro Henry (µH) coil to act as a loading coil for 80m and a choke to stop though. (UNUNs are designed to work with resistive loads!) Contact Info Frederick R. That assumption proved to be correct as I have received letters from a wide variety of people. A full-size antenna for HF (except for the 10m band) is not feasible for apartments due to the space required. 1) is horizontally polarized, and has a bidirectional directivity perpendicular to the antenna. Dipole Antenna Calculator. Hello Antenna Products Customers, We would like to update you on some of the latest news concerning the COVID-19 virus. 10. The high Q of the antenna coil is one part of the reason this antenna performs extremely well. The principle is a four system load coil antenna where-by four 12uH load coils are used in parallel combination for the antenna design. The proposed antenna is easy for adjustment with ways of handling both coarse tuning and  Results 1 - 24 of 32 Hustler also manufacturers top-quality base VHF/UHF and mobile HF and VHF/ UHF antennas—all available from DX Engineering. Below are the tabled results of a lumped component coil ( inductor ) Yagi beam antenna for low band HF operation. The actual coil length is 7 ½ inches long and wound with number 18 enamel wire. ○ Coil Losses. com  This is a theory type design antenna, but if the idea holds may provide some interesting results on the HF band plan. Lowell, N1LO Moxon Antenna Projects-- 17M and 20M Via KD6WD. Here is the very simple way to make an RF choke coil that will remove your RF feedback troubles. # 680 COIL The #680 HQ Coil is 6-3/8 inches in diameter and 7 inches long. The measurements below are for building a simple Dipole Antenna. Hustler manufactures and sells more HF mobile antennas world wide Hy Power Antenna Company, Our mission is to get as many hams active on HF with quality products at reasonable prices, ku3x, HAM, Amateur, SWL, Short Wave Antenna section coil forms, I use 11/4-inch-diameter pipe so the antenna can be mounted reasonably close to the vehicle. The two coils   This antenna has internal loaded wire traps to act as a great alternative to a long wire. Place a 1:1 Balun on the Antenna end of the Feedline. The HV7A is supplied with HVC28 (10m) loadi ng coil. The antenna consists of a matching coil at the base, a short mast up to a loading coil and the requisite whip or stinger at the top. The unfortunate fact is that loading coils for 160 meter vertical antennas will almost always have enough loss to dissipate a significant percentage The DX Engineering Vertical Antenna Matching Network, DXE-VMN-1, is a custom-designed impedance matching coil that is used at the feedpoint of a low band HF quarter-wave vertical or a Hustler 4-BTV, 5-BTV or 6-BTV multi-band vertical antenna. I used a MFJ 67 coil a 36" whip and a Hustler mast to make this antenna which covers 20 through 10 meters. Mobile HF Antenna By HB9ABX 10-80m MOBILE HF MULTIBAND ANTENNA PROJECT - From Mark D. Radial System The use of a radial system is a key requirement for any high performance quarter wave vertical antenna system. Antenna Coils category is a curation of 24 web resources on , Make Your Own Loading Coils, Home Brew Loading Coil for AD5X Vertical, Building High Power, High Q, Loading Coils. The taps are connected so that the outer turns are used first, and inner turns connected as needed. 5 metres and mark the plastic insulation with a permanent marker. About Mobile Dual-Band 2m/440 -- Roger K6XQ advises-Can I build a 2m/440mhz 5/8 mobile antenna? A 1/4 wave on 144 MHz is 3/4 wave on 440. 1. The wire size (gauge) used for the coil is a factor. Antenna coil inductance for different Ctun values vs. Big signal in a small package. It is similar to the popular screwdriver antenna but at a greatly reduced cost and without complicated mechanical breakdown. 1 Jul 2000 When the overall length of an HF dipole is less than about 1/3rd wavelength A 1/3-wave antenna is mostly wire with a short coil at its centre. Many HF antenna designs require physical length to achieve resonances at the lower frequencies. Assembled Amplifier for DIY HF Loop Antenna. Hi-Q-6/160 RT MC-3H HF Mobile antenna on the top of my carport with ONLY an 8’SS whip and NO CapHat. The frequency of self-resonance (SRF) of a typical coaxial cable choke for use with an HF antenna would lie in the range of 8-12 MHz. Once the antenna has been resonated at the operating frequency, an ATU can then be used as an Impedance Transformer. Similar in size as the Hi-Q-4/80 , that is: 4" diameter loading coil by 10 " long (8" usable coil). 88. 1(a) [1], [2], [ 3],  10-80M Marine HF Alpha. 15-17 Both the coil and capacitor of a parallel-resonant antenna trap can be made from the same length of coaxial cable. Tuning depending on the length of the whip used. 15 for the 40 meter band). 0 SWR without the coil, at best. 130cm, max. The manner in which coax is run from the feed point does not matter, as long as it does not run within 18 inches and in parallel to other components of the antenna system. I wanted high efficiency 40 Meter antenna with low-angle radiation. We carry leading brands such as Diamond, Wilson, Firestik and more. The HV7A has a fold-ov er The antenna element is 10. The HF6V is a shorter antenna than the HF2V, so the inductance required for 30m resonance is significantly less on the HF2V. A small Aug 30, 2015 · I attempt to improve the feedpoint impedance of my HVU 100 HF Mobile Antenna configured for 40. #1 HF Portable Vertical Antenna worldwide. The larger the wire, the wider the bandwidth. The old standard configuration to tune the medium wave band is a 240µH coil and a 365pF variable capacitor. 56 MHz for Smart Shelf. Table 2. Frequency tuned with varicap. However, a 15 ft long antenna made with a Slinky coil does not have an electrical length of 67 ft! The Slinky-wire is "helically" or "spirally" wound - basically a cylindrical coil. Super Antenna MP1LX Tripod HF Antenna Check Latest Price On Amazon. It cannot be used by itself. Barker & Williamson has been a recognized leader worldwide in the manufacture of the highest quality HF broadband antennas, fiberglass masts, air wound coil stock, and other radio parts for military, government, EOC and commercial use since 1932. Home-Base HF Vertical Antenna In the summer of 2010, I decided to construct a 1/4 wave 80 meter vertical using 3" OD Aluminum Tubing. The unique design characteristics of this 10-160 Meter HF JPole antenna enables it to approach resonance on the major HF bands (10/12/15/17/20/40/80 Meters), all of which presents an SWR that is low enough for external tuners to achieve a near perfect match, including 160 meters. COMPATIBILITY: Fully compatible with all Super Antenna MP1 Antennas and  The matching coil was wound on a 2" PVC pipe form with a slot cut in the pipe to permit easy connection of the alligator clip on the fly lead. Whip antenna with conductors running full length (no loading coil) This heavy duty performer is designed primarily for larger commercial vessels which demand   Secondly, multi turn small self resonant coil (MT SSRC) antennas are introduced and Prototype HF RFID Antenna Operating at 13. Ham Radio Equipment SD330 HF Screwdriver Mobile Antenna Specifications: Bands: 3. It is a full size antenna on 40 meters and a shortened 80 meter antenna. Hi-Q HF antenna loading coil under COLD test= Minus 60 F. Tripod for the Portable HF Antenna. The success of the three previous editions of Practical Antenna Handbook has been most gratifying. Plus  8 Nov 2008 This was used in an AM directional antenna array. improve this answer. One major premise of this design is the use of a commercial speaker stand from the music/sound HV7A Mobile Antenna System General Information HV7A has 5 band capability—6m/2m/70cm, plus 2 HF bands though use of loading coils. The top of the element has a threaded socket for attaching either the 40M, 15M or 10M coil that comes with it making the UHV-6 a quad-band antenna! Want more HF bands? Simply add an additional 1 or 2 HF coils horizontally using the threaded sockets in the ring around the One of the problems with HF mobile operation, especially on 160, 80 or 40 Meters is antenna efficiency. It has gain and wave angle comparable to a full-sized ¼λ ground plane antenna with radials . Most pilots report a gain of 2-3X performance over . It is the PATENTED version of the standard Hi-Q Series of HF mobile antennas. OK SLINKY ANTENNA FOR HF HAM!! A Slinky is a toy and a science class tool made from a flexible 90 turn spring coil with a diameter of 2 3/4 inches. The heat shrink tubing   19 Feb 2017 Larger coils allow for a shorter antenna, however, they also reduce the and performance and will be my Go Kit's primary HF antenna going  1 micro Henry antenna coil assembly (6. ; For Indoor or Outside field use. 9. This will be the top section above the loading coil. Our primary coil, The Silver Bullet 1000, is mostly for mobile application by allowing a single antenna for multi-band operation. 83 MHz) vertical antenna. Please note that this antenna will NOT out-perform a beam antenna at 100ft on the HF bands or a 260 ft long wire on the LF bands - It works about as well as a 7m long vertical antenna can do ! I find this antenna particularly useful for HF beacon monitoring using Faros software, WSPR personal beaconing or HF ALE operation using PC ALE (most of Apr 26, 2018 · For a High frequency antenna, it should return a value over 10 Volts in the HF coil; if lower, interaction with HF tags may be incorrect. If the sum of the three sections equals a free-space quarter-wavelength, then the number of coil turns will be zero and a simple quarter-wave vertical results. This is a 200 Watt PEP step up transformer for end fed full and half wave antennas without radials, designed as a 200 Watt PEP upgrade by PA0EJH for the originaly Par Electronics designed 25 Watt HF endfedz multiband end fed antenna. I attempted to build a high Q coil in order to minimize losses in the coil. 5%) compared to the wavelength that the antenna is used for. Antennas include an AM-FM broadcast radio antenna, 1. Ruggedized version MP1 SUPER ANTENNA, 2 METER ADAPTER, LARGE TRIPOD, GROUND SPIKE MOUNT, TITANIUM SUPER-WHIP, 80 & 60 METER COILs, GO BAGS. Research has been done in various installation environments and antenna configurations, including some against competitor's products, to evalute for propagation effectiveness. An efficient antenna radiates most of the energy fed to it. Note that the strength of the magnetic field is not an indicator of efficiency. 13858 W (-84° 8' 19'' W) Lat: 40. A typical application for an RF coil would be in a tuner at the output of a transmission line at an antenna. The antenna pictured has supported 100 watts SSB. 5MHz/80m): Loading coils. The entire antenna is 12 meters long mechanically, but forms an electic length of 20 meters for the 40 meter band because of the coil. The antenna with the 6 inch diameter single coil made of 3/8 inch diameter copper tubing worked worse than the other 5-foot tall big coil and fiberglass antennas. Length c. While transmitting with power, I was getting about 1. 2) needs only one point of Dec 01, 2019 · Loop coil are not included, you need to make your own coil (simple way – RG6 coax) Electrical circuit of this active antenna board based on high impedance differential amplifier wired across the loop. The principle of operation is substitute the wire or rod antenna element inductance value with the same coil wound inductor, this coil equating to the same inductance as the inductive value of the Yagi beam antenna elements, from May 18, 2019 · Added an additional three or so feet to each length as the wound coils shortened each leg-wire of the antenna (with coil in place 40-meter length still needs to be 25-feet and 80-meter with coil in place still needs to be 38-feet in length). 1 metres, you will use 100 mm for the loading coil taps. 8uH and about 2uH at the 5wdgs tap The impedance of a 5/8 is (75 -425j) Ohm Jun 13, 2012 · I ordered the antenna originally from Bencher themselves, but they were backordered. This calculator was adapted from the Coil-Shortened Dipole Antenna Calculator . This package includes the entire /portable /backpack /base /travel antenna system for Ham The overall length of this mobile antenna is 2. 5" x 3. This page describes the loading coil (inductor) that I built for my center-loaded 160 meter (1. Adding inductors to your dipole makes it possible to reduce the overall the tie-wraps and slide the coil off the PVC pipe. A Package Arrives. Chameleon CHA MIL - Portable HF Folding Whip Antenna- 28 thru 54 MHz. So why not always use base-loading? This is primarily driven by coil losses, hence, efficiency of the antenna. $ 179. By John Portune W6NBC . The use of coupling coils for inductive (magnetic) transmission systems including LF and HF (rather than UHF) is outside the scope of  Dec 14, 2012 - 392M HF Mobile Antenna Coil All Band Ham Marine Mars Cap Military 80 10 Meters | eBay. Tuning the Texas BugCatcher I wanted an antenna on a top mount for my pickup, shorter than required for actual 6 meter 1/4 wave. Above this resonance frequency, the choking coil no more behaves like an inductor. So, what's above the coil? First is a MFJ-2375T "short" 75 Meter antenna. Jun 20, 2011 · One coil placed in the centre or at the base of a single-band vertical antenna is sufficient, but a single-band dipole will require two coils - one in each element of the dipole. Active HF Antenna AMPLIFIER project. Apr 19, 2020 · A tapped coil will provide better impedance matches to the lead-in when the antenna is used through a wide frequency range. To save some frustration and "gnashing of teeth"make your antenna resonant and stay away from using tuners. “The SERIOUS HF Mobile Antenna” 4” and 6” Diameter High “Q” Coils for 3 to 30 Mhz Operation Stainless Steel Mast and Hardware - Aircraft Aluminum Capacity Hats All Parts Have Standard 3/8-24 Threads - Tunes All HF Bands “COMPLETE HF MOBILE ANTENNA SYSTEMS” Texas BugCatcher Info and Pricing . However, placing the cap hat directly atop of the coil also increases the capacitance and reduces the antenna total efficiency. The ‘HF Antenna Cook Book’ is the result of this need to build different antenna systems and has been written to show the RFID Engineer how to design various HF antennas for use with Tag-it™ transponder inlays. This online calculator tells you the amount of inductance your loading coil we need to   We build quality antenna coils that are easy to install and easy to tune. The bandwidth was acceptable, but the overall efficiency was horrible. ▫ Because you  392M HF mobile antenna coil all band ham marine mars cap that in my installation it would not yield the low SWR that I wanted to see across the HF spectrum. A finished coil is shown in photo “Final Coil”. HF'Wire'Antenna' • Polariza(on* • Impedance* • Long*Wire* • Loop* • Windom* • Ver(cal* • Antenna*Tuners* • Dipoles* Apr 29, 2019 · After receiving an MFJ coil-loaded vertical antenna (not sure, but the model might be MFJ-1622) for testing I decided to give it a try. Coaxial cable Antenna Traps QST May 1981, pp. The beauty of this antenna lies not only in its under-$20  19 Nov 2016 How to make good quality VFO coils or antenna coils for Short wave or medium wave, going from 1 MHz up to 30 MHz. 40 meter quarter wave vertical with loading coil This afternoon, I’ve been playing with an 8 meter fishing pole in the garden, clamped to a 3 meter aluminium pole with 2 x 10 meter elevated radials sloping from the feedpoint at 3 meters to fence height. -No trap or loading coil losses to worry about -Modest compromise SWR from 60-10 meters when fed with a 1:4 unun. I put out a lenghth of thin copper wire about 15m long from the shack to the  Aug 8, 2014 - Homemade HF loading coil for short antennas. The health and safety of our customers and staff is of the utmost importance and we are taking significant precautions to ensure we are doing our part during these challenging times. 08") Open the wire gauge and diameter calculator in a Make Offer - 784P Hf Mobile Antenna Coil, 80 - 10 meters SOTA, FIELD, Portable, Ham Radio NEW HUSTLER RM-75 Standard Resonator, 75 Meter 400 WATT Amateur HF Mobile Antenna $30. Antenne HF - MF MF medie 300KHz -3000KHz 1000m-100m HF corte decametriche 3MHz-30MHz 100m-10m THIS IS: The maximum Super Antenna Go Bag setup with 80 meters. 065", 12 gauge is . Max. We build quality antenna coils that are easy to tune and easy to install. The antenna is fully collapsible. Hi-Q Fixed Station Tactical HF antenna family. To maximize the effectiveness, and have something useful down the line, you could build a small tuner. NOTE: Some people build choke-baluns, without a plastic coil-form, by scramble-winding the coax into a coil and taping it together. Resources listed under Antenna Coils category belongs to Antennas main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Put the antenna back together, hooked up the coax, and my neighbor and I raised the antenna once again. This antenna is a full quarter-wave long on 20-10 meters, and minimizes the coil necessary for 60, 40, and 30 Meters. The antenna needs two points of suspension for ropes from the dipole end insulators. It’s a great HF antenna for the ham radio operator with a smaller backyard! TRX Communication 392M 80-10 mobile antenna Time Owned: 0 to 3 months. The coil form is 1 ½ inch PVC. The Buddipole™ - HF portable dipole antenna system, Welcome to the home of the Buddipole™, an hf/vhf portable dipole antenna system which is designed to be modular, versatile, and efficient. Loop coil is not included, you need to make your own coil. The new ruggedized upgraded version of the MP1 SUPER ANTENNA, with TRIPOD, UNIVERSAL MOUNT, TITANIUM SUPER-WHIP, plus 80 METER COIL, and GO BAG. by AG4DG . 55). The antenna is designed to be fed with 50 or 75 Ohm Coax Cable of most any length with a Balun. Thus, this coil will not perform as well as a 6300. It will work, sort of. We also recommend that you ground your tuner and rig. Let's assume we have a transmitter in our shack, and were feeding a vertical out in the backyard. The coil and hardware are made of heavy duty corrosive resistant stainless steel. 5 uH and 1. For lower frequencies  30 Aug 2015 Adding an inductor to a 40-meter Mobile HF Antenna While transmitting with power, I was getting about 1. SuperAntenna MP1 SuperStick is the #1 HF Portable Antenna in the world. An L-network random wire tuner is probably the simplest matching network in existence, designs about on the net. 35-36. Traps for different bands can be combined onto one dipole to create a single antenna tuned for maximum gain on all your favorite bands, from 160 to 10. The principle is a four system load coil  Build an effective, shortened vertical antenna by adding a loading coil. It's an 1/8 wave vertical on 160 meters also. FEATURES: New type of Dual Band HF + plus 2 meters antenna, with the MC2 SuperPlexer 2 meter adapter. But, first, to better appreciate the characteristics of this portable antenna, I believe it is important to first review the characteristics of its bigger cousin: the base station HF vertical. coil hf antenna

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